Ros Auld & Julie Poulsen

From Land To Sea

28 February 2018 - 17 March 2018

Exhibition opening with the Artists

to be launched by

Nick Tsoutas

Independent Curator &

Former Director of Sydney College of Art Galleries at University of Sydney 

Tuesday 6 March 2018

6.00 – 8.00 pm

Art Atrium 181 Old South Head Road Bondi Junction

Ros Auld

‘Landscape is Ros Auld’s source; more the accumulation of recollected impressions than particular sites: the weathered surfaces, textures and subtle colours of the Australian bush and patterns in the cultivated landscape.

She aims to express both the strength and fragility of nature using materials from the earth, with an interplay between the monumental forms and delicate, complex surface textures.

She enjoys the challenge: the physical nature of the process and the magic that happens in firing clay and glazes.

The large vessels are an ongoing series, where functional form, painterly surfaces and sculptural form can come together.’

 Julie Poulsen

‘Like many Australians Julie Poulsen lives on the eastern coastal edge of the continent. Her home in Cairns, bordered by the Great Barrier Reef, is notorious for summer heat, rain and tropic greens. In contrast the winter months are dry and balmy with the sea invariably flat and silky.

FNQ beaches are sprinkled with people not the body crush of Noosa or Bondi, yet the natural instinct is to cluster, small bunches group together on the sand and in the water.

The Beach holds human narratives full of ‘Australianness’ and Palm Cove north of Cairns provides the ideal observatory with its long expanse of sand, fishing jetty and Islands lying in close proximity.

These figurative stories are momentary: dogs with balls, joggers, kayaks, tourists with sunburn, tinnies and tinnies, hats and conversations, colour and costumes, sunbathing and water-wallowing, sun worshiping.

Sketchy sketches and often blurry photos provide the studio starting point. Likeness is relinquished; significant is the code of beach deportment and behaviour, and the balancing act of nudging between reality and ambiguity.

Beach Diary is her first journal of visual stories about people and places, mannerisms and faces.’

R & J


Art Atrium in association with Live in Art

8 March - 28 April 2018

Exhibition opening with the Artists

to be launched by

Edmund Capon AM OBE
Former Director of Art Gallery of NSW

Thursday 8 March 2018

6.00 – 8.00 pm

515 Crown Street Surry Hills

Brett Bailey, Claudia Chan Shaw, Cindy Chen, Blak Douglas, Michael Esson, Fan Dongwang, Janet Fieldhouse, Guo Jian, Tim Johnson, Graham Kuo, Keith Lane, Li Hong, Desmond Mah, Max Miller, David Middlebrook, Chico Monks, Justin Qian, Shen Jiawei, Patrick Shirvington, Laurens Tan, Andrew Tomkins, Wang Lan, Wang Xu, Xifa Yang, William Yang

china deer (2)

Art Atrium Exhibition Program 2018

  • Kate Briscoe - Geologica V 07.02.18 to 24.02.18
  • Ros Auld & Julie Poulsen - From Land To Sea 28.02.18 to 17.03.18
  • Transcendence
    Art Atrium in association with Live in Art 08.03.18 to 28.04.18
  • Art Atrium @ Art Central Hong Kong
    Jacqueline Balassa, Paul Connor, Graham Kuo,
    David Middlebrook, Andrew Tomkins 26.03.18 to 01.04.18
  • Tony Costa - Hacking River 11.04.18 to 28.04.18
  • Autumn Atelier
    Michael Cook, Juno Gemes, Nasim Nasr, William Yang 02.05.18 to 19.05.18
  • Lockhart River Art
    Rosella Namok, Irene Namok,, Fiona Omeenyo,
    Samantha Hobson, Silas Hobson & others 23.05.18 to 09.06.18
  • Chico Monks 04.07.18 to 21.07.18
  • Nick Ferguson 25.07.18 to 11.08.18
  • Claudia Chan Shaw 15.08.18 to 01.09.18
  • Sydney Contemporary 12.09.18 to 16.09.18
  • Drawn by Design - The Art of Architecture 26.09.18 to 13.10.18
  • Clinton Nain 17.10.18 to 03.11.18
  • Paul Connor 14.11.18 to 01.12.18
  • Summer Sojourn - End of Year Group Exhibition 05.12.18 to 22.12.18