Chico Monks

Chico Monks was born into a world of creativity, both parents teaching and practicing artists. From the moment his life began, he was encouraged to communicate through art, creative expression an intrinsic part of everyday life. With all of his immediate family being artists, there was no other way to explore the reason for being.

As a boy, Chico Monks was exposed to the diversity of the globe early, living in Europe & the UK for 2 years. That was in stark contrast to his Australian home, a backdrop of rainforests and natural habitats. Those extreme environments made for a great platform to base Chico Monks’ art, his talents being recognised early with his acceptance into ‘Art Express’.

Chico Monks graduated from Southern Cross University in 2001 with a BA in sculpture. He taught Aboriginal art in various schools, organizations and communities, including Grafton, Lismore and Eora TAFE, Yulang Aboriginal educational unit, Long Bay Gaol, Juvenile Justice, Community workshops & High schools.