Lockhart River Art

Lockhart River is an Aboriginal community located 850 kms north of Cairns. It is the northern-most settlement on the east coast of Far North Queensland. The artists of Lockhart River Art Centre have been recognised for many years, both nationally and internationally, as “The Art Gang”. Young contemporary artists from Lockhart River have been recipients of major art prizes and awards and their work have been included in major public and private collections.

Lockhart River art reflects a contemporary response to the environment, culture and traditions of this remote Cape York community. It also expresses some of the realities of life in the community and the strength and influence of traditional culture and values. Lockhart artists have cultivated their own forms of expression, which are very different to styles from other parts of Indigenous Australia. The art from Lockhart River promotes the unique identity and culture of the local Sandbeach people in contemporary Australian art.l practice.

Lockhart River Art has held three exhibitions at Art Atrium in 2018, 2015 and 2012. Artists who had participated in Lockhart River Art’s exhibitions at Art Atrium include Marjorie Accoom, Joanne Butcher, Patrick Butcher, Elizabeth “Queenie” Giblet, Naomi Hobson, Samantha Hobson, Silas Hobson, Irene Namok, Rosella Namok, Evelyn Omeenyo, Fiona Omeenyo, Josiah Omeenyo, Sue Pascoe and Doris Platt.