Graham Toomey

Graham’s artworks capture the very constitution of his Ancient Culture and his Dreaming. His Dreaming is his Identity, creators, ancestors, history, homelands, traditions, practices, beliefs, values, lore and memories. His Dreaming is also his strong connection to the earth, its water and to all living things. It’s how he sees things, it’s what he imagines and what he thinks and creates about in his daily life.

Graham Toomey is a descendant from the Wiradjuri and Wongaibon Aboriginal Nations of Western NSW. He was a Finalist in NSW Parliament Indigenous Art Award 2013 & 2014 as well as a Finalist in Fishers Ghosts Art Award at Campbelltown Arts Centre in 2013 and 2014. His artwork was displayed as part of Vivid Festival 2014 on the walls of the University of Sydney. Graham currently works with Gunawirra, a not-for-profit organisation working for fundamental improvements in the life of Aboriginal families, as a senior Cultural manager and Artist. In 2015 Graham travelled to various schools throughout NSW for Aboriginal children from dysfunctional families to guide the children on Aboriginal culture. This project was sponsored by Aboriginal Benefits Foundation. Graham is involved in an art therapy program run by Gunawirra as well as the Young Aboriginal Mothers Program.

Graham Toomey Exhibition Opening