Tiwi Design

Tiwi Design, located at Nguiu, Bathurst Island, 100km north of Darwin, is one of the oldest and most artistically diverse art centres in Australia. The art centre produces ochre paintings on canvas and bark, ironwood carvings, screen printed fabrics, ceramics, bronze and glass sculptures as well as limited edition prints. The aim of Tiwi Design is to promote, preserve and enrich Tiwi culture.

Tiwi Design had exhibitions at Art atrium in 2016 and 2014. Artists who had exhibited in these two exhibitions include Jean Baptiste Apuatimi, Alan Kerinauia, Margaret Renee Kerinauia, Thomas Munkanorme, Mario Munkara, Maria Josette Orsto, Roslyn Orsto, Jock Puautjimi, Gordon Pupangamirri, Immaculata Tipiloura, Romolo Tipiloura, Brenda Tipungwuti, Ita Tipungwuti and Bede Tungatalum. Art Atrium director, Simon Chan, accompanied Jennifer Isaacs AM, to visit Tiwi Islands in 2008 while Jennifer was writing her definitive book on Tiwi art, history and culture.

Tiwi – Art, History, CulturePresentation by Jennifer Isaacs AM