Philip Cox

Philip Cox is widely known as a major Australian architect and planner, acclaimed for designing iconic public buildings here and internationally – sports stadiums, convention and exhibition centres, city towers, bridges, new towns.

He always strives to incorporate art, sculpture and landscaped gardens into his building projects.

Cox also paints, writes, and has created his own remote coastal  bushland garden retreat, which is the inspiration for much of this exhibition

Landscape pervades the Australian psyche, our thinking and perceptions, be it our country’s vast interior or sweeping variety of coastlands.

The NSW far south coast holds endless fascination to me, with its pristine beaches, craggy headlands, ever-changing estuaries and cathedral-like spotted gum forests.

The mottled cream and brown  trunks on towering spotted gums, the spindly silver-textured melaleucas,  deep green of rainforest gullies;  the estuaries swirling into the ocean, along with nature’s myriad patterns in sandy beaches strewn with driftwood and seaweed, stimulate and excite the eye and mind.

For the last 40 years, my remote property on this magical coastline near Bermagui has been my treasured source of inspiration and creative renewal … be it expressed in my architecture, painting, writing, or working with nature to reveal the sculptural beauty of romantic bushland gardens.’

Philip Cox

Art Atrium Exhibition Opening – Philip Cox

Art Atrium Artist in Conversation – Philip Cox with John McDonald