Maningrida Arts & Culture

Maningrida is a self-governing Indigenous community based in the heart of Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory. Its name is derived from the Kunibídji name Manayingkarírra, which refers to “the place where the Dreaming changed shape.” Maningrida Arts and Culture (MAC) is recognised for its quality and innovative Indigenous art and is home to renowned bark painter and sculptor, John Mawurndjul.

Artists who had participated in the exhibition at Art Atrium include Irenie Ngalinba, Susan Marawarr, Debra Wurrkidj, Emmanuel Wurrkidj, Hamish Karrkarrhba, Elyssa Cameron, Aileena Lamanga, Dion Wurrkidj and Annie Wurrkidj.

Dawning Artists from Maningrida Arts & Culture Exhibition Opening launched by Jennifer Isaacs AM