Kent Chuang

Kent Chuang’s work attempts to bridge the divide between painting and sculpture, combining in turn painted images, collage and objects. This three dimensional approach allows images and objects to engage in a playful hide and seek as the viewer moves around the work.  Boxes of miniature landscapes nestle inside larger boxes, small objects are dissected into even smaller spaces and specks of colours contrast with boldly textured monochromatic panels to create intricate worlds within worlds. The box, the empty space is an integral part of the work. These “installations” have been inspired by Kent Chuang’s lifelong love of travel and investigate the manner in which the landscape is experienced. Navigating the terrain, feet anchored to the ground, his mind intrigued by places yet to be explored often drifts to distant hills and mountains, roaming cliffs and escarpments silhouetted against an endless sky and at times stopping to admire the colours of sunset or momentarily reflecting on past experiences. In a similar sense each individual work is not of a particular place and time but a kaleidoscope of places remembered at different times. Like objects we collect on our travels these small pieces are brief reminders of the awe of this limitless world and expressions of the few precious moments etched in memory.

Kent Chuang graduated initially as a Landscape Architect with a B.Larch. from University of NSW before deciding to undertake and complete a BA Fine Arts (Painting) from National Art School. He was a finalist in numerous art prizes including Waterhouse Art Prize in South Australian Museum, Adelaide, Lethbridge Art Award in Brisbane, Paddington Art Prize in Sydney, Runner up in Outback Art Prize in Broken Hill Regional Gallery. Kent Chuang’s work is in the collection of the Broken Hill Regional Gallery.