Jason Wing

Jason Wing is an Aboriginal artist from the western Sydney suburb of Blacktown, which has a relatively high Aboriginal population. Wing’s father is Chinese (Cantonese) and his mother is an Aboriginal woman from the Biripi people in the Upper Hunter region of New South Wales. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Sydney’s College of Fine Arts in 1998, and Bachelor of Graphic Design at Sydney Graphics College in 2002. Wing has steadily emerged in the Sydney and National art scene as a versatile artist who explores issues of bi-cultural and Indigenous political identity, environmental awareness and spirituality with a street-wise flair (owing in part to his use of stencil printing) and strong commitment to community engagement. The artist statement on Wing’s website begins: ‘My art is inspired by the way my life has thrown up apparent contradictions. It is the place between the contradictory energies that creates a unique space for me to carve out who I am as an artist and a man.’ Themes that reoccur in his work weave together elements from these influences: Nature and man, the urban environment and respect for nature, his cultural influences and a sense of positive universal spirituality. Two things in opposition can become the base of a pattern, this inspires the way Jason works the elements of patterns, evolution, chance and coincidence into his artwork.