Hu Ming

Hu Ming is one of the most significant faces in the new wave of Asian artists in Australia. A pioneer in her field with past exhibitions in Japan and Singapore, Hu combines both modern and classical styles – merging a conscious sense of post modernism and an element of sub-culturalism. Born and raised in China during the Cultural Revolution, Hu joined the army in 1970 at the age of 15 years old. Stationed in an army hospital, ‘254’ in Tian Jin, a chance discovery of a human anatomy life drawing book by Michelangelo – forbidden literature during the Cultural Revolution – inspired Hu’s study of the human body. Her paintings express her worship of the female form depicting both physical strength and feminine beauty. Hu’s works are not of a planned process born of her dreams but represents an accumulation of her diverse experiences.  Hu Ming has held numerous exhibitions internationally and her works are held in collections in US, Canada, Asia, Europe and Australia.