Crossing Boundaries

Jacqueline Balassa

Bingbing Chen

Lynne Howarth-Gladston

Pamela See

6 – 20 July 2019

Exhibition Opening with the Artists 

to be launched by

Professor Paul Gladston 

Judith Neilson Professor of Contemporary Art

University of New South Wales

Saturday 6 July  2019

2.30 – 4.30 pm

Artists in Converation

Nick Tsoutas

Independent Curator &

Former Director of Sydney College of Art Galleries at University of Sydney

in conversation with

Jacqueline Balassa, Bingbing Chen
Lynne Howarth-Gladston, Pamela See

Saturday 20 July 2019

3.00 – 5.00 pm

to be held at

Art Atrium @ Botany

Corner of Daniel & Daphne Street
(Entrance on Daphne Street)

Crossing Boundaries is an exhibition with a theme which is inspired by Art Atrium’s philosophy and special focus on cross cultural collaboration and expression in art as a reflection of our multicultural society in a globalised world. The exhibition presents the work of four femaie artists – two with Chinese heritage and two with Australian and European hertiage. Jacqueline Balassa, an Australian artist who graduated with a Master of Art & Master of Fine Art degree from UNSW and who had exhibited in Hong Kong in previous years, is exhibiting her new series of landscape paintings and drawings inspired by her trip to Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) in China.  Bingbing Chen who graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Art degree in China is presenting her ‘Mountain’ series of  drawings informed by both her Chinese and Western influence. Lynne Howarth-Gladston who obtained her PhD from University of Nottingham in UK and came to Australia after living and teaching in Ningbo and Shanghai in China for a number of years is exploring the dialogue of art language through her series of works on paper inspired by traditional Chinese ink on paper works.  Pamela See, a Chinese Australian artist born in Brisbane and a graduate of  the Queensland College of Art applies Chinese papercutting techniques in a variety of post-digital contexts including installation, animation, sculpture, textiles and printmaking and she is presenting both two dimensional papercut works as well as three dimensional brush stainless steel  sculptures in this exhibition.