Bingbing Chen


Reimagine  can have reference to  Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-build and so on. In my mind rubbish can be re-art, as we should try all the possibilities and who knows what it can be changed into without trying. I use the alphabets X, A, B to represent my artworks and to express the possibility of more artistic ideas in the future.

My artwork explores the complex relationship between human and nature and our responsibility for environmental sustainability. Using plastic bags and barbed wire in my artwork which were once considered to be waste, the works symbolise the challenges posed by modern consumer culture and industrialized society.

Plastic bags are a symbol of waste and pollution in modern society. However, in my work, I try to weave through the colours of these soft materials. Weaving through the barbed hard wire, the artwork reflects the symbols of people living in urban life between steel and concrete buildings. Through the stricture, pattern and material used, the artwork symbolises people living their daily lives – walking through streets , stations, buildings and the never ending urban infrastructure. Our modern life is surrounded by plastic items that we design, sell, use and discard. We need to reimagine the use of plastic bags and re-art them, forming a closed loop around us so that that can ultimately be appreciated.

Bingbing Chen

Bingbing Chen was born in Fujian Province in China and graduated from Fuj1ian Normal University with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree (oil painting). She settled in Sydney in 2005 after graduating from Shillington College in Sydney majoring in Graphic Design. She worked as a freelance visual designer before establishing her Bingbing Art Studio in 2012.  She had solo exhibitions at Xiamen Townhall Art Gallery, Fuzhou 1H Art Space and Fujian Normal University in China and she participated in the Chippendale New World Art Prize Group Exhibition and the City of Ryde International Women’s Art Prize and Exhibition in Sydney. She was the Curator & Exhibiting Artist of ‘Dazzling Arts Australia Group Exhibition in Sydney and participated in ‘The Three Perfections’ exhibition at the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Western Sydney University. She was appointed Art Director of Australia Fujian Association in 2018 and had a solo exhibition ‘As we journey through life’ in 2019 at the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Western Sydney University.

Art Atrium Exhibition Opening – Year of the Tiger Chinese New Year Exhibition

‘Crossing Boundaries’ Artists in Conversation – Nicholas Tsoutas with Jacqueline Balassa, Bingbing Chen, Lynne Howarth-Gladston, Pamela See at Art Atrium, Botany

Art Atrium’s first exhibition ‘Crossing Boundaries’ at the new gallery space at Botany with Jacqueline Balassa, Bingbing Chen, Lynne Howarth-Gladston and Pamela See