Asher Milgate

Asher Milgate’s practice responds to the historic ‘Australian’ identity and its dual history. Drawing from dual histories, Milgate discusses the intersection of colonisation and the ongoing challenges for Aboriginal people as a result. Milgate’s work is a transferal of history of lived experiences echoed through photography, video, installation and sound recordings. Milgate seeks to engage the public’s interest in the breath of the ‘Australian’ landscape, through diversity, similarity and dual perspectives.

Asher Milgate has exhibited in multiple solo and group shows in Sydney, Newcastle and regional NSW including his solo exhibition ‘Duality’ at Glasshouse Gallery, Port Macquarie and at Adelaide Perry Gallery in Sydney in 2020, Western Plain Cultural Centre, Dubbo in 2015, Sydney Harbour Bridge Portraits Projection on New Year’s Eve Celebration 2021, Delmar Gallery, Trinity Grammar School in 2021. He had received numerous awards and his work is in the collection of Orange Regional Gallery.

Congratulations to Art Atrium artists of getting the 2023 Fisher’s Ghost Art Award

Art Atrium Artist in Conversation – Asher Milgate


Art Atrium Exhibition Opening – Asher Milgate and NC Qin

Art Atrium Artist Exhibition Opening – Asher Foley Milgate – River Song

Art Atrium’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition ‘Moments In Life’ with Brett Bailey, Julie Harris, Teena McCarthy and Asher Foley Milgate.