Andrew Tomkins

The Long White Line
In “The Long White Line” my thoughts have not only been of frozen moments in the passage of time but also of that abstract human concept of infinity. With this notion we are told time is endless, our deities exist forever and the cosmos is never-ending.
This idea, foundational to religion, mathematics and science shapes our perception of the universe and how human society has evolved .
Here, I am searching for the infinite spaces we unknowingly share. Each of the works exhibits not only negative space but what I call an “indescribable volume”. I am fascinated with the paradoxical idea of removing elements to create a sense of more. Words cannot really describe what some perceive as nothingness or the void. To me, nothingness does not exist; the void is overflowing and endless.
“The Long White Line” as we see it, implies the work is never ending ; it has no beginning , or end. The underlying construction alludes to the boundless, repetitive world the artist inhabits.
I invite the audience to engage with these works, to contemplate the spatial dimensions they occupy, helping them to understand and be at one with the immediate world in which they exist .

Andrew Tomkins
Andrew Tomkins studied at Julian Ashton Art School from 1986 to 1990 after gaining his qualification as a builder and surveyor and obtaining his builder’s licence in 1985. His appreciation of the natural world and the environment combined with his passion for art has resulted in numerous art prizes including being the Winner of Gallipoli Art Prize in 2023, National Capital Sustainability Award 2022, Winner of the inaugural Burwood Art Prize 2017, the Henry Bucks of Mosman Commendation Prize as part of Mosman Art Prize 2015, Fairfield Art Prize (Acquisitive) 1989, Drummoyne Municipal Art Society Drawing Prize 1989, RAS NSW Drawing Prize 1989 and the Macquarie Towns Art Prize (Acquisitive) 1988.  Andrew Tomkins was also a Finalist in the Mosman Art Prize 2019 & 2012, NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize 2017, the Korea-Australia Arts Foundation Art Prize 2017, the Waverley Art Prize 2015, Art Gallery of NSW Wynne Prize 2014, Gosford Art Prize 2014, 2013 & 2012, Fleurieu Peninsula Art Prize 2013, Fisher’s Ghost Art Award at Campbelltown Arts Centre 2022, 2021, 2020 & 2013,  Art Gallery of NSW Dobell Drawing Prize 2011 and Gallipoli Art Prize 2021 (Highly Commended) & 2020. He had also exhibited at Grafton Regional Gallery, Manning Regional Art Gallery, Cowra Regional Gallery, University of the Sunshine Coast and Glasshouse Port Macquarie as part of the JADA Drawing Award (Travelling Exhibition) 2015 & 2014,  Sydney Contemporary 2019, 2018 & 2017, Art Central Hong Kong 2019 & 2018. Andrew Tomkins was also selected to exhibit at the Beijing International Biennale at the National Art Museum in Beijing in China in 2019 and his work is in the collection of the National Art Museum of China in Beijing.

Andrew Tomkins’s work captures an appreciation of the global environment, and with hope, stimulates concern for the future of the natural world.  His current body of work in the form of mixed media on multi-layer polyester film originated on a trip to China, leaving with the aim to create a contemporary, Western response to the Chinese brush painting style viewed in Beijing. He encourages the audience through his work to question the physical piece, the composition, the medium and the method of creation. Through exploration of the works, the audience should contemplate the underlying motif of environmental advocacy and hopefully leave with a deeper appreciation of the natural world.

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