Adrian Lockhart

‘I was born in Queenstown in Tasmania’s south west region. It was, and still is, a place of rugged and dramatic beauty. The landscape was inspiring, even for a youngster, and it was there that I began to draw and paint, making marks.

At the age of fifteen my working life started at the Launceston Examiner newspaper in the art department. Alan Langoulant, who was the creative force of the department and an intelligent, talented and worldly man, became my mentor.

My life took off. The newspaper was a great training ground. I learnt about ideas, concepts, writing, typography, printing, photography and deadlines. Alan said many times to “Open the mind” and “Just do it”. He encouraged me to continue with my personal art practice and I have never stopped.

I left Tasmania in 1970 for Sydney to work as an art director but nights and weekends were spent at my own work, painting and drawing. Since then I have exhibited regularly and eventually was able to paint full time.

My work practice includes painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and artist’s books. I move from and between the figurative, landscape and abstraction.

My work is in many private and public collections in Australia and overseas including the Laverty, Chroma Orange Regional Gallery and Kedumba Collections, NERAM, Maitland Regional Gallery, the MONA Library, The Manly Library, The Geelong Library and the Royal Scientific Society of Jordan. I have been selected for the Dobell, Adelaide Perry, Kedumba, Manning Regional Gallery and Mosman Art Awards.

The aim of my work is to capture light and line – to distill, to pare. Generally, I like my work to represent sensuality and beauty.

Sketching has been an important aspect of my practice resulting in over 300 sketchbooks. In 2018, because of my travelling sketchbooks, I was asked lead a group on a sketching tour of Jordan. Following on from that wonderful experience there was an exhibition of my landscape paintings and drawings of the Jordan hills at Jacaranda Gallery in Amman. It also stirred my desire to return to the Queenstown area to look at the hills and mountains of my childhood and see what I could discover there.

After spending two weeks immersed in that wild place in 2022, I was asked by Raymond Arnold of PressWEST, to present a drawing workshop with the focus on the landscape in 2023.

The discoveries continue.  Light and line drawing me on.’

Adrian Lockhart

Art Atrium Exhibition Opening – Adrian Lockhart – Lines

Art Atrium Workshop – Akira Kamada and Adrian Lockhart