Patrick Shirvington

Patrick Shirvington’s work investigates his relationship to the natural world through drawing, believing the process of drawing is fundamental to the cognitive process opening doors to the unseen. This current body of work explores that unseen which is the movement through the mind linking the seen through multiple marks on the drawing surface. Shirvington allows the marks, gestured by his surroundings, to reveal objects which are not usually noticed.  Are we truly conscious of all that is around us as separate entities that come together to become one ? Awareness of our environs involves cognition, as Humberto Maturana mentions, “Living systems are cognitive systems, and living is a process of cognition” (Maturana 1980, 13).
In other words, do we really see and take notice of the things that are around us ? For Shirvington, exploring the landscape through elementary observation falls short and does not open the door to human understanding. He feels that it is only through visceral surveillance, veneration and imagination that enables a vision through a clouded reality.

The practice of drawing has proven to be a way of knowing the world ..We tend to look at the object, however, do we see the subject?  The project will work with drawing, but not in the usual way of developing precision and draftsman-ship, but rather as a tool for phenomenology.

Patrick Shirvington started his journey as an artist in 1975, when he began painting full time. In the following two years, he travelled through Europe and USA and participated in drawing class at the Academie de la Grande Chaumiere, Paris.  He completed his Masters of Cross Disciplinary Art & Design at University of NSW in 2015.  Patrick Shirvington  has been a finalist in the Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing in 2012, 2011, Kedumba Drawing Award in 2009, 2006 & 2003 and he was also a finalist in the Archibald Prize at the Art Gallery of NSW in 1999 as well as numerous other art prizes. His work is in the collection of Edogowa Museum, Osaka, Japan, Kedumba Drawing Collection, Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Macquarie University, Arthur Boyd Bundanon Collection, Adelaide Perry Gallery Collection, Australian Stock Exchange as well as various corporate and private collection.

Patrick has been invited to present papers pertaining to drawing and cognition at conferences such as aaee Australian Association of Environmental Education, Drawing International Brisbane (dib) Symposium 2015, EcoArts Australis, 2013, 2015, including ongoing environmental education programs with local government.

Exclusive to the Unseen exhibition is a selection of original imagesfrom his newly released  children’s book  “ Can You find Me ? “, a collaboration with best-selling author Dr Gordon Winch.

Art Atrium artist Patrick Shirvington had been invited to conduct a workshop ‘Drawn to Nature with Pat Shirvington’ at Sturt Winter School

Patrick Shirvington Talk on the Phenomenology of Drawing Sydney Society of Conservation Biology