Melanie McCollin-Walker

Melanie McCollin-Walker (b.1976) began her artistic journey whilst growing up on the island of Barbados. Always the wanderer, Melanie has lived all around the world and it is this nomadic lifestyle which has been the major source of inspiration for her work. Without the aid of photographs, she relies on her innate sensibilities using a combination of memory, observation and emotion. Subtle layers of paint are juxtaposed with bold and intuitive painterly marks and gestures. The landscape and in particular her signature stormy seas and skies, provide the framework within which the artist’s journey takes place. The resulting paintings are light-filled and dramatic. The essence of natural forces which she is able to capture on the canvas creates a sense of place, simultaneously evoking both mystery and curiosity. Each painting providing a window into her subconscious, while also challenging those viewing her work to delve deeper into their own. McCollin-Walker has been invited to participate in several solo and group exhibitions and was shortlisted for the Clifton’s art prize in 2013 and 2016, winning the People’s Choice Award in 2013. Her work is represented in private and public collections globally.