Kaye Mahoney

Kaye Mahoney is a multi-dimensional artist – and not just with respect to her upbringing and artistic practice. Her aptly-named 2.75 Dimensional Compositions, single works and diptychs painted on multi-layered panels of Plexiglas, are like books of stories in a secret language or musical scores from another dimension. Mono and poly chromatic variegated color fields, seductive in their deceptively simple depth, and infinite promise, act as an ostinato in counterpoint to panels of line and shape, some figurative, some abstract, that deliver a bright overlay of verve and vitality. Elemental energies float and shimmer, shifting from surface to depth, in and between the panels like the lightning of a summer storm, or fireflies in a bottle.

Born in Thailand and raised mainly in Italy and Australia, with periods of her youth spent in places as diverse as Rome, Moscow, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Kiribati and New Guinea, Mahoney settled for 20 years in New York City, where she lived, worked, raised a family and showed primarily at the Dillon Gallery in the Chelsea gallery district.. Following her return to Australia, her 2011 solo show, “Moving Imagery”, at Goulburn Regional Gallery was reviewed by noted art historian, Prof. Sasha Grishin, as being “a very impressive and sophisticated exhibition”, with a conclusion that Mahoney is a “vibrant artist worthy of serious attention”. Mahoney continues to produce work that is both playful and provocative – work of substance, beauty, transcendence and joy.

Art Atrium Exhibition Opening – Kaye Mahoney – Stirred Air