Kaye Mahoney


In Altered States of Reading, Kaye Mahoney presents two bodies of interactive works.

Mahoney has created a large array of prints called “2020 Telegrams” utilising watercolour, text, masking tape and digital processing. In the 20th century, telegrams were messages to be urgently delivered and received. They were often confronting. The process of reception was crucial. So it is with these works. They are completed by the recipient who is compelled to “read” the dissonance between image and words – words that may be couched in irony, humour, sarcasm, wordplay, rhetoric or outright naming calling. Some may find parallels between the imagery and the critical implications of the text. Others may temperamentally respond, as if to a call to action. Yet, such associations may be co-incidental. For Mahoney, 2020 Telegrams reflect the struggle to rationalise how comfort, beauty and privilege can co-exist alongside inequality, destruction, corruption, exploitation and the collective trauma of a world in crisis.

Mahoney’s “Libratory” installation features a diverse selection works on canvases and panels fashioned into “books”. The “books” employ different modes of communication. They are “read” by being handled, touched, browsed and experienced. Whether they be anagrams, scores, records of performances, paintings, collages or assemblages, viewers are invited to interact not just by looking but by touching …or listening… or following instructions. 

Kaye Mahoney is a Thai born Australian American conceptual artist. Her wide-ranging expressive tools include video, installations, painting, text, assemblage and music. Many of her works are conceived as platforms for experimentation and interaction. In her early years, after completing an MFA program at the New York Academy of Art, Mahoney trained in Italy and practiced as a muralist specializing in fresco. Mid-career, she was represented by Dillon Gallery in Chelsea, New York and exhibited regularly in France and Italy. Since moving to Australia, Mahoney’s shows have included a major solo exhibition at the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, solo exhibitions in Sydney at Art Atrium and a show at Lesley Heller Gallery, New York. Mahoney maintains studios in Sydney and France and is represented in Sydney by Art Atrium. 

Art Atrium Exhibition Opening – Kaye Mahoney – Stirred Air