Desmond Mah

Mah aims to elicit visions, narrative approaches and fictional tales that speculate a world where synthetic biological creatures are central to the possibilities of scientific progress.

With the tremendous potential that synthetic biology has to offer, Mah contemplates the possible existence of mythological animals. The Chinese are obsessed with the dragon, seen as a symbol of power, strength and good fortune; the Chinese culture is adorned with them. Draco X is the synthetic biological version of the dragon. Using the koi as the original host, Mah extracts desired traits from various creatures and implants his mutants with computer processors. His mutants are seen swimming in cloudy water. Water is the life resource and has been polluted by the action of humans. Draco X is the new species, made by humans to adapt and survive in the tainted water. These mutants are nurtured in discarded objects that are found in reject shops. He sees the humour in using them and wants to examine the human obsession with perfection.