Bingbing Chen

Bingbing Chen was born in Fujian Province in China and graduated from Fujian Normal University with a Bachelor of Fine Art degree (oil painting). She settled in Sydney in 2005 after graduating from Shillington College in Sydney majoring in Graphic Design. She worked as a freelance visual designer before establishing her Bingbing Art Studio in 2012.  She had solo exhibitions at Xiamen Townhall Art Gallery, Fuzhou 1H Art Space and Fujian Normal University in China and she  participated in the Chippendale New World Art Prize Group Exhibition and the City of Ryde International Women’s Art Prize and Exhibition in Sydney. She was the Curator & Exhibiting Artist of ‘Dazzling Arts Australia Group Exhibition in Sydney and participated in ‘The Three Perfections’ exhibition at the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Western Sydney University. She was appointed Art Director of Australia Fujian Association in 2018 and had a solo exhibition ‘As we journey through life’ in 2019 at the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Western Sydney University.

‘I’ve always known life could be a long, long way.
Before embarking on the journey of life, we need to master some skills.
Painting is the only skill I’ve mastered, a good one for that matter.
But of course, observing and analysing the world is an extra skill that I have.
And I hope that, armed with these skills,
I hold a sword that can cut worldly hypocrisy.

Some people are good at the belles lettres,
Others are better at musicality.
They’re but different skills, or different languages
for the communication of what hits us inside.
For a long time, I groped in the darkness for my language,
and I explored in the field of arts for a skill
that could help convey what I feel to be the meaning of our existence.
My observation tells me things change, new rules apply,
and little stay the same.
Others’ world is often times not my world,
and my world of lines and colours is replete with its own logic.
My world does not need an explanation by science,
and it does not necessarily work in accordance with any reason.

With my language, I’m fearless and reckless, and I can’t stop jumping;
I feel myself blooming like a flower and bursting like a balloon.
Let me open a door,
and fill the world with my parallel lines, and plait them whenever necessary. My lines are like rail tracks and they also constitute a network, extremely complex and full of strength;
they make a powerful world and they feel omnipotent.
This is the world of art that I pursue.’

‘Crossing Boundaries’ Artists in Conversation – Nicholas Tsoutas with Jacqueline Balassa, Bingbing Chen, Lynne Howarth-Gladston, Pamela See at Art Atrium, Botany

Art Atrium’s first exhibition ‘Crossing Boundaries’ at the new gallery space at Botany with Jacqueline Balassa, Bingbing Chen, Lynne Howarth-Gladston and Pamela See

Art Atrium artists Bingbing Chen, Cindy Yuen-Zhe Chen and Pamela See exhibit in ‘Air Water Love – A Dialogue between Chinese and Australian Women artists