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August 8, 2016

24th November 2013

Congratulations to Keith Lane, Ernest Aaron and Alex Zou for being selected as finalists in
the Fisher’s Ghost Art Award 2013. The exhibition is currently being held at Campbelltown
Arts Centre until 16 December 2013. Congratulations also to Walter Brecelyand Maria
Chatzinikolaki for their selection as finalists in the Woollahra Small Sculpture Prize 2013.
Keith Lane, Ernest Aaron, Alex Zou, Walter Brecely and Maria Chatzinikolaki as well as
Paddington Art Prize 2013 finalists Ernest Aaron, Cindy Chen, Will French, Penny Hulbert,
Max Miller and Julie Poulsen are all participating in Art Atrium’s current exhibition Art 3K –
Art $3000 & under.

Art Atrium artist Nathalie Hartog-Gautier is exhibiting at Orange Regional Gallery in her
exhibition Passing by the Tree, the Skin of Memory, until 5 January 2014. The exhibition was
opened by Dr. Rod Pattenden, Chair of the Blake Society and the Blake Prize, on 22
November, 2013.

Art Atrium artist Khue Nguyen will be performing Traces of Transformation, a life sketch
performance drawing with two hands, as part of Mapping Melbourne, an Independent
Contemporary Asian Arts event to be held on 7 December at the Melbourne Museum Forecourt
at Nicholson Street, Carlton.