Art Atrium

Art Atrium is about exceptional art.

We have a special focus on cross cultural collaboration and expression in art as a reflection of our multicultural society in a globalised world

Specialising in contemporary Australian, Asian and Aboriginal art, we see ourselves as an integral link between artists and the public.

We want to share our passion for, and appreciation of art by helping our clients acquire art that is visually stimulating and spiritually enlightening.

We want to assist our clients in the exciting journey of learning more about various forms of artistic expression through talks and forums by artists and art scholars.

We believe in maintaining high standard of ethics and integrity in our dealing with both the artists as well as the public.

We believe in ethical collecting of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.  We support and organise exhibitions from various Aboriginal community art centres including Tiwi Design from Bathurst Island, Warlayirti Artists from Balgo, Lockhart River Art from North Queensland, Maningrida Arts & Culture from Maningrida, Warlukurlangu Artists from Yuendumu, Yarrabah Arts & Culture Centre from North Queensland, Boomalli Aboriginal Artists Cooperative of NSW.Yuanyang,an exhibition curated by DjonMundine and Imogen Yang at Art Atrium in 2013 featured the contemporary artwork of three renowned Aboriginal artists with Chinese heritage, Vernon Ah Kee, Sandra Hill and Jason Wing.

Ultimately, the type of art we exhibit and the artists we represent, all comes down to our philosophy.

We believe that art is not only a reflection of modern life today but an expression of future possibilities.

In each of our exhibitions, we consistently strive to create new ways of seeing.

Art is the window to social dialogue and we welcome it.

Gallery Director


Simon Chan is the director and founder of Art Atrium. A practising architect for 38 years and an art collector for over 30 years, Simon’s long-standing interest in art led to the establishment of the contemporary Australian and Indigenous art gallery, Art Atrium, in 2009.

Prior to launching Art Atrium, Simon’s passion and commitment to art manifested in his appointment as a Director on the Board of the Aboriginal Benefits Foundation. Simon is the current Chair on the Board of the Foundation. The Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation involved in Indigenous art and culture, seeking to promote and improve the welfare of Aboriginal communities in Australia.

Simon is a current Director on the Board of VisAsia of Art Gallery of NSW promoting Asian art & culture. He has also been involved as a Community Ambassador for the Art Gallery of NSW since 2006.

Simon has been involved in a broad range of community organisations including his role as a Committee member of the Woollahra Council Cultural Committee as well as previously as a Committee member of the Public Art Advisory Committee since its inception in 2008. Simon is currently a Committee member of the Contemporary Australian Asian Performance Executive Committee. Simon was also a Committee member of Waverley Council Public Art Committee in 2013 and 2014. Simon was invited to be a Co-Principal Sponsor of the Paddington Art Prize in 2013 and 2014. Simon is the current President of Haymarket Chamber of Commerce representing businesses and residents of the Haymarket and Chinatown area and a member of the City of Sydney Chinese New Year Festival Advisory Committee. Simon is also a current member of the NSW Government Chinese Garden of Friendship Advisory Committee.

Simon was the recipient of the inaugural NSW Premier’s Multicultural Award for Arts & Culture in 2013.

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